Thursday, July 12, 2007

Blackmailer of New JerseyBeauty Queen Amy Polumbo launches official campaign to expose more embarrasing photos

The anonymous blackmailer of Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo -- who distributed embarassing photographs of the beauty queen -- launched a campaign to unmask the embarassing moments of other "role models."

Refusing to identify his or her real identity, and only going by the title "lowlife scumbag," the blackmailer eleased other photos of celebrities demanding they, too, resign from office:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California, posing with two California pyramids

Barack Obama, posing on the front cover of a disgracefully disgusting biased magazine

Nancy Pelosi in a Hijab that doesn't have a pocket for a cell phone -- so retro!

George W. Bush with Henry Kissinger -- we're not sure which of these liars should be more embarrassed

Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter, who is the bigger racist pig? Just being in a photo is embarrassing

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