Friday, April 27, 2007

Indian judge orders death sentence against Gere and slavery sale to Shetty in public kissing fiasco

An Indian Judge ordered that American Actor Richard Gere be shot after he publicly laid a wet one on Hindu starlet Shilpa Shetty during a rally to raise awareness of AIDs.

During the same court hearing, Judge Pastel "Paddy" Patel issued an order to release a man charged with murdering his two daughters allegedly after he heard rumors that a man in another Indian city had posted a comment about the daughters on Facebook calling them "hot looking in Saris."

The judge said that Gere's kiss was an insult to Indian tradition and culture because Shetty is "a national treasure. Kind of like a possession of all Indian men." The man who killed his two daughters, the judge said, did so to protect his honor, which is the highest honor in Urdu culture.

Shetty had achieved stardom when she was named the winner of the British reality show “Celebrity Big Brother.” Shetty out-performed a fellow contestant, Jade Goody, who sparked international headlines by allegedly making racist comments about Shetty and her Indian heritage.

Mobs took to the streets of India to denounce Goody and threatened to burn the Big Brother House to salty assed ground. Shetty was named the winner in the competition.


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