Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sanjaya ousted in suspicious FOX TV coup from American Idol

Fans of Sanjaya Malakar said the teenage walking hairdo and star of FOX TV's American Idol was ousted from the competition Wednesday night in what fans across the world insisted was a right-wing conspiracy against minorities because of the post-traumatic stress syndrome stemming from the aftermath of the Virginia Tech massacres.

Simon Cowell said he was happy Sanjaya was ousted, saying, "there is room for only one troll on this program and she's sitting right here next to me."

In reading the decison to oust Sanjaya, Seacrest said, "You go, girl!"

The evidence that the FOX program's results are faked is that Seacrest never gave out the actual vote count for Sanjaya and only explained that 38 million people had voted. How did they vote, Seacrest you lying whimp?

As Sanjaya departed, members of the American Idol audience cried out in the Urdu language, "Sanjaya is more of a man than you will ever be, Seacrest!"

After the show ended, the Rotten Falafel ended its hunger strike and ordered a large plate of stuffed grape leaves, which was quickly consumed.

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