Monday, April 2, 2007

Olmert makes sexual advances to Saudis

Experts in the field of diplomatic nuance said that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's gesture to the Saudi Arabians in his message of piece was a sexual overture. Olmert was responding to the Arab League's offer to surrender everything and to stop referring to the Zionist Entity as the Zionist Entity in their useless political posturing and public outcries of hypocricies.

But while inviting the Arab leaders Sunday to meet to discuss the discussion of peace, Olmert also invited the King of Saudi Arabia, Ab-dull-ah Binabdelazziz to a whine and cheese squeezing party at his private condo in Berlin. Olmert was overheard telling his sexually harassed female aides, "I know that Condi beyitch is a hottie, but that Ab-dull-ah looks fine in that Channel Chador."

Later, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice issued the first-ever American reprimand of the Israeli government in the history of Israel, saying that while the United States is committed to extracting as much oil as possible from the Middle East and buying Jewish votes through the shameless patronizing of Israel's interests while ignoring the injustices and violations of civil rights against the Palestinian people -- (we have shortened the bureaucratic legaleeze here), she added, "Olmert said I was the only Nubian. He has broken his last unbroken promise to me that the check is in the mail."

Rice said that she often dresses in a Chador and swims at the Marion Barry Swimming Pool in Washington D.C., and prides herself in the fact that her full figure can show through the wet Chador just as if she were just wearing a t-shirt in a wet t-shirt contest.

"What does Ab-dull-ah have that I don't have?" Rice pilafed in her best Persian accent. "Hell. My nipples are as big as his nose! And what about Hillary. She squeezed Arafat's ass, once."

Immediately, Syrian President Bash-her Baby Face the son of Half-Ass al-Ass-it's-sad, denounced the one-sided dialogue saying that in reporting the news story, the Zionist controlled American news media always demeans and excludes the rights and justices of the "Arab beobles." Although Arab leaders can't pronounce the "P" sound, their comments sure smell like Pee.

"No one looks better in a red dress and tussle than I do," President Half-Ass said in his typical throat-clearing prununciation.

To make the point, President Half-Ass ordered his not-so-secret secret police to arrest three dozen Syrian falafel makers who looked Jewish -- since the country has no more Jews to persecute any more -- and place them in prison.

More to come, as Rice might pout-out!

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