Monday, April 16, 2007

Rotten Falafel Goes on HUNGER STRIKE to protest anti-Sanjaya bigotry and discrimination

Sanjaya Malakar for President. If Barack Obama? Why not Sanjaya Malaker?

They are already calling Sanjaya Malakar "The Prophet." The "Messiah." The man with the golden fleece and non-White racist American colored skin who is a hero to billions of oppressed minorities and individuals excluded from the closed-door, private country clubs of American power.

I refuse to eat in protest of the bigotry and bias and anti-Sanjaya hatred being spewed in the American media.

"American Idol" is supposed to be a contest in which Americans choose who is the best entertainer. Yet, there is a clear campaign to prevent Sanjaya from taking his crown with producers at the FOX Network Show threatening to "boot that skinny minny" off the stage with all his dark-skin glory. "We already took one for Imus," a White corporate executive at Fox Network announced this week. "We ain't taken one for that San-Jeyeee-Ya!"

Howard Stern IS God and if he declares that Sanjaya Malakar is a Saint, then why not? The Catholics declare Saints all the time. In fact, it's "All Saints America."

What is Talent but that which impresses and excites the majority of people. I suppose you plan to build a Wall around American Idol, and prevent any dark skinned contestants from getting through, declaring Sanjaya Malakar an "illegal immigrant contestant."

This is real reality TV baby! Really!

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