Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rightwing talkshows hosts defend guns and blame users

"Guns don't kill people. The lying Arab, Asian, Moslem Mohammaden hordes of immigrant bastards kill people," declared rightwing talk show hosts hoping to redirect American public opinion to "focus on the hatred of people, not the love of gun control."

Virginia Tech killer and NBC Netwotk TV fan Cho Seung-Hui may have used guns to kill his 32 student victims, but it was the "fanaticism of terrorists" who put the bullet in the gun barrel.

"A gun us merely a garden tool without a bullet," sighed Bill O'Reilly, who clearly jealous that the killer didn't send his Martyrdom Package to him. In fact, O'Reilly blasted NBC News for signing the UPS receipt accepting the package, "especially since it had the name of a fanatic Muslim on the no-fly list on it." The package was mailed by Cho Seung-Hui who used the name "A. Ishmael" as the sender.

Sean Hannity, not to be outdone in hatred, declared that "if we sold more guns to people, the students would have fought back the way Americans have fought back against oppression and discrimination and racism in the past."

Televangelists said they deplored the killings, and asked their viewers to please send them more money so they could purchase bullet-proof glass windows for their stretch limousines, multiple penthouses, and crystal ceiling mirrors for their bedrooms offices.

NBC officials insisted that in accepting Cho Seung-Hui hate package, the did not put the bullet in the gun.

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